The following is only a partial list of what we can provide to our clients. Contact us to discuss your specific valuation needs today.

Appraisal Pricing & Turnaround

Here is our “General Pricing” within coverage area. Please call our office for your quote today – 562-754-5706

Appraisal rates are based on the time required to complete the appraisal process and report. Typical factors and or complexities are; property size, atypical characteristics, lot size, views, ocean front, driving distance, market area, ARV appraisal, as-is appraisal & etc. Please call our office for your quote today!

Service Typical Fee
Single Family Residential $400 and up
Duplex $550 and up
Tri-Plex $600 and up
4-Plex $650 and up
Limited Appraisal 2055 exterior only $300 and up
Limited 2055 with interior inspection $300 and up
Relocation Appraisal $550 and up
Rush Fee $100
Distance Properties $100
Condominium $400 and up
Recertification/Update old Appraisal $200

Most appraisal reports are completed 1-3 business days post inspection*